In the face of acts of aggression against civilians,
we express our solidarity with our neighbours and friends, Ukrainians.

  • The cost of war is always the highest for everyday people. The true scale of the humanitarian effort needed - both for the refugees seeking safety in Poland, and Hungary and for the people still in Ukraine - will be huge.

    People need food, warmth, water and safe places to stay and probably for months. They might also need legal support or health care.

    As we write this already over 500,000 Ukrainians have fled the country and as long as Putin is advancing into Ukraine, this will drive up the number of people needing help.

We have made this site to direct people to support local and reputable organisations on the Ukrainian border who are providing direct assistance to refugees with food, water, shelter, and border crossing assistance.

There are many different groups you could donate to on the ground - there are many that are directly funding militia and arms. There are also some far right groups collecting donations.

The groups below are only for humanitarian aid. They have been collated by our member organisations in Poland, Romania and Hungary who are all working tirelessly to support their Ukrainian neighbours.

Aid Organisations